Four generation of the Vergnano family have regarded coffee as art, culture and commitment. A tradition dating back to 1882 when the grandfather of the present owners, Mr. Domenico Vergnano, started up the business opening a small grocer’s shop in Chieri, at the foot of the hills surrounding  Turin. The shop soon specialized in the roasting and sale of coffee, highlighting the Vergnano’s family true vocation. The 30s marked an important step in the company’s growth with the purchase in Kenya of a coffee farm and the opening in Italy of three warehouses in Turin, Alba and Chieri. The 70s, with the building of the Santena plant made Vergnano as one of the most prestigious Italian coffee processing companies. In 1986 a significant accomplishment in the company’s growth was recorded, through the merger with Casadel Caffe di Torino: a leader at a quality level in the Piedmont bar channels, which today serves over 2000 clients within the region. With an 8000 square meters plant, nine automated production lines and a two-digit growth from 2001 till today, Vergnano proves to be the sixth coffee producing company in Italy in the mass market channel: a solid company, capable to dynamically and professionally face the new market challenges.