The Famous Italian Coffee Roasting Companies with a history of 100 Years

Danesi Caffè is a Roman company founded in 1905 by Alfredo Danesi. Expert connoisseur and curator of secret blends, he was one of the first who to spread the culture and the consume of what today is known as traditional espresso dating back at the beginning of last century in Rome.

The Art of Roasting

The roasting process follows specific convection techniques where the heat is evenly distributed and thermal conduction is controlled not only by the most advanced computerized systems but also by the most skilled master roasters, this process is slow and gradual. The result is a unique product created by a company that operates in perfect balance between tradition and modernity always distinguishing itself in the industry offering to its clients quality and consistency.

250g Tin Coffee Beans



1KG Valve Bag Coffee Beans


Ground Coffee